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Ventilation BR inc.

Heating - Ventilation - Air conditioning

Your ventilation expert in Laval and the Laurentians

Ventilation BR inc., a family business established in Prévost, excels in the art of moving air! Our birth stems from a deep desire to offer the best ventilation service in the Laurentides region. In this quest, we constantly focus our efforts on our customers, placing their well-being at the top of our priorities.

Trusting Ventilation BR inc. means joining forces with a dedicated professional team, ready to bring all your residential and commercial ventilation projects to fruition. We are here to ensure optimal air quality in your space. Your trust in Ventilation BR inc. guarantees not only exceptional service, but also personalized attention to your specific ventilation needs in Prévost, in the Laurentians.

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Our HVAC services

At Ventilation BR inc., we value your comfort by offering cutting-edge heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions!


Specializing in the installation and replacement of heat pumps, furnaces, central systems, air exchangers, and kitchen and bathroom fans, our team of experts ensures that your home benefits from a optimal environment. We are committed to improving the energy efficiency of your home while ensuring your well-being.


Trust Ventilation BR inc. for quality HVAC services!

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Installation and replacement

Satisfaction guaranteed

Ventilation BR inc. excels in the installation and replacement of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in Laval and the Laurentians. Our expertise includes the installation and replacement of heat pumps, furnaces, central systems, air exchangers, as well as the installation of kitchen and bathroom fans.


Trust our professional team for comprehensive HVAC services, ensuring optimal comfort in your residential or commercial space.

Improved air quality

An exceptional service

Ventilation BR inc. stands out for its services of excellence dedicated to improving air quality and compliance with current environmental standards. We intervene to optimize your HVAC system, thus ensuring a healthy indoor environment that complies with the most recent standards.


If your system is showing signs of underperformance such as prolonged run times or unusual odors, our knowledgeable HVAC experts step in to detect, resolve and improve the air quality of your residential or commercial space.



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